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HAPICA electric toothbrush

HAPICA electric toothbrush, the Japanese version of the electric toothbrush, 7000 times per minute of ultra-fine vibration, good quality but affordable, so become the only foreign brand of The Shopping website, 100% Made in Japan&Japan is originally installed import, introduce at present "anion, adult, children, infants and young children" series, hope can take care of the oral health of the whole family more comprehensively。

Anion series Adult series Children's series Baby series
The bristles features Natural ore mixed with bristles,
Friction with teeth produces negative ions。
The brush head is designed for special round balls.
It does not hurt your gums。
The brush head is designed for special round balls.
It does not hurt your gums。
Super fine bristles,
Super dense planting hair。
Hardness of bristles 普通 普通 General soft Super soft
Using the object The average adult The average adult More than 6 years old Above 1 years old
Brush size 2.5cm 2.5cm 1.5cm 1.5cm
The fuselage color 淺灰 Red, blue, yellow, green Pink, blue
The common specifications Body + bristles: 17.2cm x 2.2cm x 2.7cm, total weight: 60g
Body material: ABS, brush handle material: PP, brush hair material: Dupont TYNEX nylon wool
Power supply: DC1.5V (with 1 no. 3 battery)
Battery life: 2 times a day for 3 minutes each time, a battery can last about 1 month。

All fuselage and replacement bristles are interchangeable

Directions for use

Brush the tooth gingiva gently, brush the tooth with the same operation method as ordinary toothbrush, 7000 times/min of vibration, can remove tartar, massage gum disease, prevent periodontal disease, give you a healthy tooth。

Matters needing attention

  • Use proper force and proper movement to avoid tooth abrasion or other discomfort。

  • Keep the battery area dry to avoid electric leakage。
  • Life waterproof, do not soak the body in water。

  • Take out the battery if it is not used for more than one month after opening it。

  • This is for brushing teeth, do not use for other purposes。

Replace the battery

A number of glory

  • G-mark Design Award, Japan

  • JIS quality approved by Japan Specification Association

  • The Japanese School Health Association recommends

  • The American College of Dental Surgeons recommends

  • Recommended by the French Commission for Dental Hygiene

Tehuang co., Ltd. is the agent of HACPIA electric toothbrush in Taiwan, and currently introduces the series of "anion, adult, children, infants and young children"。Four series of bristles can share the handle, good oral health care helper for the whole family。

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